Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Inflorescence

I spotted this inflorescence in front of our local Subway. This is the first time I've seen a Twin Flowered Agave bloom! I'm going back in a few days to check and see what it will do next. It looks pretty cool. The shopping center's landscape crew will probably cut it off, so maybe it won't be there when I get back. They have a habit of cutting off blooms on Agaves (which are going to die anyway after blooming) so I imagine they'll cut off the bloom and then dig it out later. Since this type of Agave is solitary, it will need to be replaced.

Notice the squared off Texas Sage in the photo. I don't know why they plant bushes that will definitely be too big for the area, and then shear them like this. You never see any flowers because of the constant shearing. Then, they start getting bare and die. Such a waste.


Julie said...

Too bad hey don't let the agaves bloom at least!!! Crap.

These landscape people can be so crazy. Or dumb.

Claude said...

I hate it when "landscapers" don't know the first thing about how to properly take care of the plants... hopefully, they'll leave this for the plant to have it's day of glory before it dies