Friday, December 4, 2009

Chilly for the West Valley, Arizona

My winter garden is looking and smelling good!!! Stocks, petunia, and alyssum are filling in nicely.

The transplanted Rain Lilly likes the pot better than the spot it was in. It has more than doubled in size.

Sunny days and cold nights at the lake. I love being on the swing this time of the year even though I have a blanket just in case. Today it was about 63 degrees and a blanket was utilized!!

Last night I covered a few of my plants- it was down to 36 degrees. I will have to cover them again tonight.

The newly added area to the garden is filled with too many flowers and seeds. By February all seeds will be in bloom--if there is enough room!! I'm still picking the Dwarf Blue kale, and the carrots are so fragrant and tasty! They are still tiny but I keep checking to make sure they are growing without any interference from the bugs and grubs--so far so good!!! I planted beets in the same area and not one of those have come up.

Tomato plant is loaded with blooms and fruit. I covered it last night and hopefully they will mature!
We are already planning our Christmas activities, and this year we will do a round robin. We will start at my youngest daughter's home with appetizers and gifts--then going on to my oldest daughter's for the main course and gifts, and last, at my home for dessert and gifts. This Christmas will be extra special--my grandson will be home from boot camp! He will be here for two weeks before he will be deployed. We are all so excited to see him! I don't want to think of the days of worry that lie ahead.


Julie said...

Your garden area is GORGEOUS!!! It has really taken off now!

You talking about sitting on your swing with a blanket reminds me of my dating days with my husband. We used to sit outside in sand chairs under the stars on cold nights in north Florida and have a blanket while drinking wine! It was really fun and nice to look at the stars!!!

So glad you will have your grandson home for two weeks at Christmas! Enjoy every second!!!

Chris said...

I do believe I lost my tomato in that freeze. Rookie mistake I guess. I think I watered to late the night before. Got too busy at work. Anyway, lesson learned. The leaves are wilted. Do you think the fruit, which are about the same size as yours, are going to die?

Pudgeduck said...

Chris---I had a plant last year that only had a few leaves. It still produced! Just leave it .

Chris said...