Friday, August 9, 2013


I watched a video on Facebook about Buddy. He is 7years old, NO TEETH, 3lbs., potty trained, gets along well with children and other dogs.  Buddy---that was my sign! I had said in the passed that Lolly Bee needed a buddy. She expects me to play toys with her throughout the day and even wants me to lay on the floor while she eats her treats!!! I make all my plans around her and sometime run out of groceries because she can't go into the store with me. I know we created this little person but it has to come to an end!  So enter Buddy. Great little dog, learned to use the doggie door in two tries, but they won't play together!!!!!! They don't fight-just tolerate each other. Guess what? Now I have twice the problem!!!! I am laying on the floor playing with two- at least Buddy doesn't have me on the floor for treats-he can't chew!. Now what?????
Good bye to TURR TULL
This past winter we put a lot of time and money into a great house for Turr Tull. This was the 4th or 8th location for a home on my postage-size lot. He always dug out, mostly ended up on the patio or dug holes in all the wrong places. He wouldn't even go inside this last place. He hated it!!! Never knew why. I found him under a slotted bench in the rain and the first freeze of the season. I put him in his dry home with a roof and porch-he left immediately

and  crawled back to the exposed area. After a few tries I finally I put him in a box in the garage for the rest of the winter. I don't have any place left to try to fix him another home, so we decided to give him to a friend that has acreage, and is all set up for turtles plus she only lives a few miles away. He will be very well taken care of. It was a sad day. Changes are suppose to be good for you, keeps the  mind young, but.... I'm not liking many of the changes that have come my way the past few years! In fact, it has the opposite effect- it's making me OLD!!!


Claude said...

Trust me, i know all about animals that barely tolerate each other. Of you're lucky, they'll warm up eventually. Of you visit Tur Tull, make sure you give us an update.

Julie said...

Oh dear! Those two will eventually get along. I bet ya! So sorry to hear about Tur Tull. I'm sure he will love his new home though, and one less thing for you to worry about, sounds like! You are half freer, and half less free (with new dog)! Good luck!!! Keep those YOUNG thoughts flowing!!!
xoxo- Julie