Thursday, July 28, 2011

Knoll Lake 2011

Our annual Knoll lake vacation camping trip was so much fun. Just getting out of the desert heat for a few days can do wonders for the soul. There hasn't been much rainfall this year, just enough to raise the ban on camp fires.

We caught a few fish,

saw some beautiful sunsets,

went for walks--I can't find tiny dog clothes that fit Lolly Bee so hubby's sock kept the chill off during the morning stroll...

Camping dogs close to us. This is Rage.

And Chico.

Francis, Jimmy Tom and Midge.

LollyBee loving the campfire.

I spent a lot of time on this hammock.

Eddie has been the camp host at Knoll Lake for the past 8+ years. He always had a lot of great stories and a lot of information about the wildlife in the area. This is his last year this site. He will be missed!


Rohrerbot said...

It's always sad saying good bye by to the camp host. I loved having them around the campround to help out or chat with. Looks like a lovely place.

Julie said...

Oh my gosh...reminds me of one time we were camping in a primitive campgound and the host and his wife were from Austria. He played accordion and went from campsite to campsite playing for everyone...a really nice guy!!! I know you will miss Eddie. You sure had lots of cute doggies LollyBee by the cute!!!