Friday, December 17, 2010

Minor Miracles

A friend wrote and said she was tired of seeing "that darn turkey" on my last blog entry, so I decided I needed to update. I have a lot of excuses as to why I haven't blogged, so here goes. I can't sleep, so I can't focus during the day! However, I guess if I could sleep I wouldn't be able to enjoy the beautiful sunrises. This was photo was taken yesterday morning--then today, there was zero visibility--an unusual fog enveloped the Valley! It was so dense I couldn't even see my backyard.

My granddaughter has been visiting the past two weeks and I try to spend my days enjoying their company, because they will soon return home. Ryder is 15 months old now and at that stage of destroying everything in his path!

I am running after him every second. Might lose a few pounds in the process!

Out the door and onto the swing.....

back inside....

climbing on furniture.....up and down the stairs....

Then... just as quick--he becomes a little angel!!!

My Army grandson will be here today--if the Midwest ice storms allow the planes to fly. He will be home for 14 days then off to Afghanistan. We are trying to be positive and not wonder, WHY?

Hubby's truck was broken into--radio and tool box stolen--steering column has to be replaced along with the door locks. We were lucky in that it was not stolen! No theft insurance--the truck is just too old to justify the premiums. It is a 1994 Chevy, very popular in this region as it is a great landscaper truck! It was stolen and stripped four years ago and that cost us $3,000 to get it up and running then. This time it only cost $400.00. Again, lucky us.

Once again I lost my billfold! On my way to a friend's who had broken her ankle I stopped to get gas. It was still dark at 6 am, and I must have left my wallet on top of the car while pumping. I know, I should focus, but I'm not wired that way, dammit! But wait--there's more--A Christmas miracle! A Good Samaritan found it about 4 miles down the road, looked at the driver's license, got my address, left a note that everything was intact and they would bring it to me! It had been ran over and only two cards destroyed!! From planning my suicide to save my family from the grief of placing me in a home,or worse, my sister scolding me for another screw up. HALLELUJAH!! Saved, once again!

And then, another miracle--granddaughter is pregnant! Couldn't get any better than this, unless it would be twins or triplets! My father was a triplet and he also had twin sisters. Some one, some day should get lucky in this family that way--might as well be her! (She may disagree with that!)

All in all, we have been blessed many times this year. Hopefully the USA will be blessed again. (2 Chronicles 7:14)


Julie said...

Hi Pudgduck!!! OK...I have some good ideas for you! First, my Mom just ordered "Super Snooze" from Puritan's Pride vitamin shop online. You can see them HERE...she just started them, but feels she is sleeping better within 3 days of using them!!!

My trick (which I learned from my Mom) is that I always wear pants with deep pockets on each side. My keys are in my right pocket at all times, and in my left pocket is my cash, and sometimes a debit cardl or my library card. It is a great system...and you never have a wallet to lose. I never carry a purse anymore either! When I pump gas I lock the doors to my car when I get out of it, and I immediately place my keys in my no one sees me with anything where you could find money or credit is a wonderful system and I feel much safer! I also drive a car with an outdoor keypad to let me in if I lock my keys in the car, or lose them! I could not live without that!!!

Hope these will be of help.

Regarding losing weight following your grandchild is short lived! I have been chasing mine around a whole year, and I'm still fat! LOL (50 pounds overweight). :) Glad you are having fun with is exhausting though! He is so cute!!!

I hope your granddaughter will have a wonderful pregnancy! How exciting!!! Wouldn't that be something if she had triplets???

Hawk woman said...

Love your writing!! Thanks for the great pics. And definitely no suicide or home, OK??!!!

Pudgeduck said...

Julie-Thanks for the info! All good advice-The idea of not carrying a purse is a fascinting idea! I will try that one for sure!!!! I knew that weight loss idea I had was bogus!LOL

Hawk Woman-Now is the time to start up your blog again!!!!!

Aiyana said...

Let's make a New Year's resolution once again to lose some weight. Maybe the 40th try will do the trick. Or is it the 60th try? I lose more memory cells with each pound I gain. I'm almost infantile now.