Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pudgeduck's Contentment

All is well in Pudgeduck's world!! Hubby caught the flower bug! What a nice surprise he left for me, hanging in a perfect spot.

The sweet peas are already 8"tall! I found a new variety (for me) that is highly scented with pale petals edged with violet. I filled in a few bare spots with them and planted a few near a trellis in another flower bed. Seems like I always find something new after all the beds are full.

I'm thinning out the nasturtium pots, and it's still hard to let go. I found another new plant for my garden, called Vitex Trifolia (Coastila Persian Lilac). The leaves will turn blue with a mauve underside and with lilac flowers during the winter. It doesn't lose the foliage and it will be a great addition to my garden!

Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts and Red Cabbage are loving their spot in the sun. Just a few radishes have come up. I know I said "never again" after the radish fiasco last year, but....The kale hasn't started sprouting yet. I'll sow more seeds in a few days and hope they will sprout! I have to have kale for my weekly soups that I'll soon start craving as the weather cools.

I cherish every moment I spend in my garden! What a wondrous life I lead to be able to spend most of my time contented, surrounded with the beauty of my garden. Something very important happens each day as each seed sprouts and the flowers bloom. As I said, all is well in Pudgeduck's World!

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Julie said...

What a sweet hubby!!! Gorgeous basket he left for you! :)

All your garden is already taking shape and I am just thnking about what to plant. I got some carrot seeds...they are called "Big Top", and are large and sweet according to the package! I hope so.

Your new Persian Lilac sounds really cool. You will have to show us those colored leaves later!!!

I feel the same way outside in my flowers and vegetables! We are blessed, for sure!!! Take care!