Friday, November 9, 2007

Rainbow Promise

The world as I knew it is, quite frankly, gone. Things naturally change over time, and I can accept that, but the changes I see now are not quite right. My belief is based on what is true, or what I believe in my own mind.

Weather changes are probably first on my list, because of the fact that I like to spend my winters on my swing. It has been too warm to enjoy sitting outside, and the air conditioning is still running in the house. Doors remain closed, and I'm DEPRESSED!

The recalls from China are OVERWHELMING! Gas prices, UNWARRANTED! Quantity over quality, FOOLISH! Lies over truth, and evil over good, SHAMEFUL! Open borders, ABSURD!

Even with things filled with uncertainty and everything twisted throughout the earth, there is a rainbow in my life. My concern for the state of the world just shifted to neutral, because I just saw my nearly finished, remodeled bathroom! It's magnificent! I'll worry about the world another day.

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